Golden Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church Clinton

GO boldly with love into the community as Jesus leads, BE equipped and unified by worship and fellowship, DO as Christ did, reaching out to people in need through service, small groups and outreach, to bring glory to God.

Adventurers and Pathfinders

Adventurers is open to youth aged 4-9.


The Adventurer program was created to assist parents in furthering their child’s development in spiritual, physical, mental, and social areas. Age-specific curriculum (from pre-K through 4th grade) is used along with 72 specialized award areas of crafts, nature, recreation, spiritual development and home arts. The program provides fun and effective ways for children to develop a Christ-like character, experience the joy and satisfaction of doing things well, express their love for Jesus in a natural way, discover their God-given abilities and how to use them to benefit self and serve others, and improve their understanding of what makes families strong, and more.

Pathfinders is open to youth aged 10-15.

Pathfinders is a worldwide organization similar to boy or girl scouts. Activities include camping, community service, and various forms of interactive training in a variety of recreational, artistic, nature, conservation, vocational, and outreach areas. Pathfinders is for 5th – 8th graders, and there is a Teen Leadership Training (TLT) program for high school students (grades 9-12).

Clubs are organized at the local church level, but there are periodic conference, union and International gatherings called camporees. Nearly 50,000 gathered at the 2014 International Camporee in

Osh Kosh, Wisconsin.