Adventist Community Services helps meet people’s need for food through the Harvester's The Community Food Network at the Clinton Adventist Church on the 3rd Monday of each month.  Anyone with a perceived need for food is welcome to receive food by bringing their vehicle and be in line by 8:30.  We ask that you follow simple safety rules which are available from the person that signs you in.

No qualifying.  Just be a person or family in need of temporary food assistance.  Sign in with your name, zip code, and phone number in case we need to cancel, and the number of adults (18-64), Children (birth to 17), and Seniors (65+) in your household.  Food is distributed by household, not the number of people in a household. 

Beginning in January, and continuing until further notice, certain USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Food Purchase and Distribution Program (FPDP) provided food to our distribution site and will be available ONLY to those who qualify.  Harvesters have created new sign up sheets that are being utilized and you will be asked to answer a question on household income to see if you are eligible to receive FPDP food. Our volunteers will need to clarify that we have additional product (government donated) on the day of the distribution.  They will need to ensure each recipient is income eligible to receive the FDPD product and they will need to mark Y for Yes or N for No on the sign in sheet; (a special card will be placed on your windshield along with the number of families you are picking up for (limited) indicating you qualify.   Our Volunteers must implement and utilize a system (DETERMINED BY HARVESTERS) to ensure anyone who is not eligible, who rejects the food OR (DECLINES TO ANSWER THE YES/NO QUESTION FOR ELIGIBILITY) does not receive it (THOSE PARTICULAR ITEMS DESIGNATED AS FPDP).  Please note, income eligibility is self-declared and proof of income is NOT required.

Not all food is FDPD food.  If you do not qualify or reject the FPDP food, the remainder (non-FPDP food) will still be distributed to you and those you pick up for.  FPDP food will have bright green USDA tags on all four sides of the pallet of food in order to help Harvesters' drivers and staff and our volunteers identify the food.  All FPDP foods will be placed at the beginning of the food line for ease in distribution.

Additional information may be found on the USDA website <https://www.ams.usda.gov/selling-food-to-usda/trade-mitigation-programs>

Want to be involved?  You can volunteer to help set up and distribute food and clean up after it is over.  Workers are allowed to go through the line on an alternating basis.  Approximately 4-5 hours of work. Dress properly for the weather, with closed toe shoes. We have safety vests.  Community Service hours awarded with proper paper work.  Please Call MARVA WELBORN FOR MORE INFORMATION ON VOLUNTEERING.

Adventist Community Services is coordinated by Marva Welborn.  Contact her at 660-438-8460.